The effort of setting up a small yet strong setup in 1978 was the birth of a shining star in the Cable Industry. Initiated as a manufacturer of PVC insulated wires, cables and flexible cords, Universal Cables Industries Ltd. made its mark in its field of expertise. With a diverse product range, foresighted vision and advance technology, Universal Cables proudly crossed its benchmark of Quality and Customer satisfaction after it became ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Our Vision is to provide the nation with a constant flow of state of the art services and quality wires and cables, and to strengthen the structure with an incessant power supply and continous communication. We aspire to realize all our dreams and play our part in building a concrete, prosperous and safe tomorrow; As a People; As a nation.


Universal Cables Industries Ltd. is dedicated towards achieving its benchmark of becoming the symbol of quality and trust in the cable industry. We believe in being our own competitors; constantly, and persistently revising and raising our yardsticks in performance and quality and endeavoring to become better with each passing day. At Universal Cables Industries Ltd., we consider it our social and national reponsibility to discipline the working masses of our nation; our prudently systemized work environment is but a small yet significant contribution in this regard. When it comes to improvement for the better, we tent do take the sky as the limit; And beyond!

Innovation and Egde

We always coup up with the fast paced hi-tech world, keeping at par with innovation and advancement in our related industry.

The primary strength of our fast growing business is our human resource and it is basically owing to this vital strength of ours that we have pioneered in the production of specialized cables.


Precision and Accuracy:

Quality and precision of products and services is one essential value never to be compromised at any cost; at any level.

An Anticipatory and Proactive Approach:

We dedicate ourselves into giving our best each day but we never forget our past; for a good today verily paves the way for a better tomorrow. On this ever onward course of time, we are perceptive and vigilant to make the journey safe and easy enroute to a better, brighter and safer tomorrow. Proactive is the word that describes us to the core.

Integrity & Honesty:

For us, at Universal Cables Industries Ltd., nothing comes before or above our essential ethics and values. We consider ourselves the custodians of our customers’ trust and are ever dedicated to deliver beyond their expectations; with integrity and responsibility.

Experience and Clients

We consider ourselves truly blessed for having worked with the very best and top most names in the brands and corporate world of today. Universal Cables Industries Ltd. considers all its valued clients as people who are the emblems of goodwill, quality and success. Our fast growing clientele reflects our superb experience of 30 years; an experience that not only makes us a proud company but has also paved the way for choosing our future clients wisely. We aspire to move ahead, with an efficient signature service that has a wider horizon, learning and making a discernible mark of excellence as we tread the path onward.

Quality Policy

  • Our priority is customer satisfaction.
  • Quality is a core feature in all our work process; from manufacturing to verification, precision and quality is an inherent feature of Universal Cables Industry Ltd, upheld by each and every employee at all levels.
  • We consider our suppliers as our partners and on equal footing in achieving the desired quality of our products and services.
  • The customer-supplier concept is also applied in every process.
  • Corrective and preventive actions are used as a tool for continuous improvement incessantly.
  • Honest and professional customer service and engagement is our hallmark.
  • Universal Cables Industries Ltd, is committed to comply with requirement and continually improves the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Certificates & Memberships